Cubase performance win 10

Due to some technical changes in multithreaded multimedia-pools for win 10 you can get into a world of pain if you have more than 14 logical cores. Say an 8 core cpu with hyperthreading == 16 logical cores. To fix this you have to stop cubase from using more than 7 cores(this is done automagically on Cubase 10.5 but not on earlier versions).

Check the post above from Steinberg of how to fix this!

Another thing is the CPU c-states, basically they set the cpu cores to rest/idle when not fully utilized. That is also bad from realtime ASIO VST music. To mitigate this you’ll have to go into BIOS/UEFI and under your CPU-Settings you disable CPU C-States.

When you have fixed this and selected an OK buffer for you ASIO driver – you should be fine.

Enjoy Cubase ASIO VST without crackle and pops!

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